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Rooter-Pot,for air-layering trunks 1/2"-1",rpt

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Rooter-Pot,for air-layering trunks 1/2"-1". Pot is 6.25" high x 5" wide. Air-layering has long been used by skilled gardeners.

Rooter-Pot,for air-layering trunks 1/2"-1",rpt

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Rooter-Pot,for air-layering trunks 1/2"-1". Pot is 6.25" high x 5" wide. Air-layering has long been used by skilled gardeners. Now Rooter-Pot makes it easier for home gardeners to achieve the same results. In just a few weeks, you can have big, new specimen plants on their own roots. Rooter-Pots clamp around vertical stems from 1/4" to 1" thick. you make a shallow cut aroun the stem and peel back the bark, dusting with some rooting hormone. Fill the pot's reservoirs and close the hinged halves round the stem. Then pack the pot with moisten peat moss, potting mix or our coco-fiber . Place lid on top and latch into place. Now you have the perfect conditions for new roots to form. Check progress every week or so and keep the reservoirs topped up with water as necessary. When you see roots have formed, you can cut completely through the sem below the Rooter-Pot and transplant your new specimen into a larger pot.Made from a durable plastic they can be re-used repeatedly. rpt

This product is a dream come true for many gardeners.
In just 8 weeks you can produce a brand new plant of a size that would take 3 years from seed or a cutting. It works on an old system of propagation called air layering.
With the traditional air layering system you use a black plastic
bag to hold moss around a wounded stem. New roots would develop
where the stem was wounded. However, that system is awkward to
install, doesn't hold extra moisture, and is difficult to add water
to or inspect the root progress.
The rooter pot system addresses all those problems and makes it
amazingly easy to clone big plants in a short time. Just choose a
branch on a mother plant that you would like to clone (maximum 3/4" and 1" diameter). Next, wound the branch by removing a strip of bark all around the stem and then put rooting hormone on
the wound. Attach the rooter pot to the stem over the wound and
fill the reservoir in the base with water. Now pack the interior of
the pot with moist, soil-less (peat-based) potting soil.
Put the top on and cover the outside of the translucent pot with
the dark stick-on label. (The label is necessary to keep sunlight
off the roots. It is also a place to record the start date.)
Every week or two add a bit of water to the pot if necessary.
After 8 weeks inspect the roots by peeling the label back a bit.
If the roots have developed, cut the branch just under the pot to
remove the newly rooted plant from the mother plant.
Now you can remove the rooter pot and transplant to a container or
directly into the soil.

It couldn't be easier and the pots are reusable. Full instructions are included.

Made in Spain, this item is a winner of numerous international innovation awards. More important, it will save you money and make your gardening easier, making specimens very nice and tall.

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