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Itoigawa Juniper Bonsai

Itoigawa Juniper Bonsai

PLEASE NOTE TREES HAVE BEEN THINNED OUT SINCE PHOTOGRAPHING AND TOPS SHORTENED - General information: In Japan, this tree is called " Itoigawa " and thus it is often referred to in western countries as " Itoigawa juniper". It was discovered a a sprot on a Shimpaku Juniper. The Itoigawa is native to Japan, the Kurile Islands and the Itoigawa peninsula. Its natural habit is prostrate and it prefers rocky, well-drained soils. In its natural range, it is most often found growing near the sea. The foliage is needle-like on young trees and scale-like on older trees. The fruit is a small, hard, bluish berry. Shinji Suzuki in his interview in Bonsai Magazine "There is no variety like the JUNIPER "Itoigawa" which can give such a good idea of the softness of the clouds. This feature on a trunk with so many natural shari results in a plant of great value." -

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