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I am in the process of transferring all our trees to Resin or Plastic pots. This because of after years of battling with our freight companies over broken pots I have given up. So please note you are buying the tree not the Pot. So you may not receive the pot pictured in our catalog.


Please remember when ordering trees in the winter they are dormant. That means no live leaves or flowers on deciduous trees.

We now are offering our Professional and Master Grade Japanese Tools at the lowest prices on the web. Tired of paying high prices for so called high grade Chinese tools. Why not get the original from Japan for LESS. I have bypassed the importers and gone direct to Japan to provide you with the l

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Are you looking to purchase a beautiful, exotic Bonsai Tree to enrich your lifestyle? Are you interested in ONE STOP SHOPPING for all your bonsai needs? Hollow Creek Bonsai can offer you both at the lowest prices on the web. Hollow Creek Bonsai, is a complete Bonsai nursery offering indoor and outdoor bonsai trees for sale at below retail prices. Our Bonsai Trees are grown with loving care to ensure you receive a truly remarkable tree. As the largest supplier of  Bonsai soil in the United States, you can understand why we have been declared the best in our field.

In addition to our beautiful Bonsai Trees and plants, we carry a wide selection of other Bonsai items for sale at our store including:tools, pots, wire, books, and soil to make your Bonsai collection thrive. Our Bonsai Accessories include Ikebana Pots, Handmade Teapots,Viewing Stones,and Orchid Pots. All which will complement your collection nicely and at a price you can afford.

Our prices are extremely affordable, and many selections of bonsai begin at a mere $19.95! Nationwide shipping is available, and our business is a licensed New York State nursery(#243360). Our family-owned-and-operated business is backed by more than 25 years of experience. Contact Hollow Creek Bonsai,or just click on one of the items on the tool bar above and discover the difference we can make for you.

Where does Bonsai originate from? The first known mention of a Bonsai was in an 800-year-old picture, discovered in an ancient temple in China. So it's very likely that the Chinese started growing Bonsai. The Japanese learned the Bonsai-art later on and discovered new ways to grow Bonsai. The first Bonsai trees were brought to the United States in the 20th century. Ever since Bonsai has grown increasingly popular.

The literal translation of bonsai is "plant in a tray". Many people think Bonsai is a species of tree, but it really is a way of growing a tree in a way that it's small in size but still has all the characteristics of a full-grown tree. There are many styles to choose from, any of the seven Japanese styles or why not chose free form to suit your personal taste.

In Bonsai we try to imitate the natural tree around us. Think about the Cascade-style, imitated from trees that carry so much snow on their leaves that the trunk bends to form a large loop.

Bonsai are planted in special Bonsai pots, usually from Japan or China. Normally Bonsai pots from Japan and China are of the highest quality, but therefore more expensive. The pots are made of high-quality clay and are baked on high temperatures so that they are hardy for very low and high temperatures. Trees which are still in development and not yet entirely formed are being planted in relatively large pots, to provide room for a good root system. Trees are never planted from a large pot to a Bonsai pot in one time, because it takestime to let the tree get used to smaller pots.The value of choosing the correct pot is frequently underestimated. Only with the right pot can a Bonsai look natural,and beautiful. There are several matters concerned finding the right pot for a Bonsai, like:- Color of the tree, and possible flowers.- The altitude and breadth of the tree.- The style in which the tree has been formed.In choosing the right pot sizeThere are a few "rules" concerned choosing the right size of pot: The pot has to be something broader than 2/3 of the altitude of the tree. The pot must be wider than 2/3 of the breadth of the tree at trees which are wider than high. For high, slim trees the pot has to be something less broad than the breadth of the branches The depth of the pot should be equal to the thickness of the root-trunk. The cascade style is an exception concerning the depth of the pot.

When choosing the right form and color. The color and form of a Bonsai pot are very important. There are both glazed and unglazedpots, in several colors and sizes. The most striking colour of the tree determines the colour of the pot. This can be the colour of the trunk, but also possible flowers. A few tips: Darkgreen and darkblue Bonsai Pots are for Trees with a striking colour like yellow, orangje or red. Conifers and some pine-trees like blue, brown and unglazed Bonsai Pots. The pot should never be to striking so all the viewer's attention goes to the tree itself. The form of the pot is very important to, but herefore no special rules excist. It's mainly a matter of taste. Make sure the Bonsai pot you choose has at least one drainage hole in the bottom. Composition of your planting must be thought out. It's very important to place the trees in the right composition during the repotting: For square and round pots: In the middle. For oval and rectangular pots the tree should be placed just off center unless it is a formal upright. Then the center would be the best place for it. The shape of your Bonsai pots depends on the Tree and what feeling you are trying to exhibit. KUSAMONO DISPLAY POTS ARE ALSO AVAILABLE IN CATALOG.

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